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From CTeL's Executive Director, Greg Billings

We welcome you to our 13th CTeL Executive Telehealth Summit.  You will find attending this event an invaluable experience. We look forward to having you at the table.

CTeL Summits were created in response to calls from Fortune 500 companies and telehealth industry practitioners wanting a forum for nonaligned and technology neutral conversations.  Summit agendas are crafted to encourage unbiased and open dialogue.  As such, CTeL Summits are solely funded by attendee registration fees.  CTeL does not accept endorsement fees nor promote any specific technology or vendor.

Summits convene the leading thinkers and innovators in the medical community to grapple with all of the issues surrounding the use of emerging technologies that hold potential to improve the delivery of safe and quality medical care.

The Summit’s conference format is deliberately open to encourage attendees to look beyond today and peek into the future.

We look forward to having you at the table for a beneficial and thought-provoking event.